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Forefathers Family Law

In an ideal world no one should ever have to fight to see their own children.

No one should have to plead with a court to be granted the most basic of Human Rights; the right to have a full relationship with the children they love.

Sadly, we don't live in an ideal world and many people find themselves in exactly the same position you find yourself in now.

Facing a battle in the Family Court for your children's right to a relationship with both parents can be a bewildering and disorienting ordeal.

Let's be honest, it's frightening!

You'll no doubt be asking yourself how this has happened to you, or even where you went wrong and how things should have all been so different.

It is a tragic reality that many parents 'weaponise' their children by controlling the other parents access to their children, without good reason

At Forefathers Family Law we understand.

You are not alone, and we can help.

Forefathers are a small but dedicated team with over 15 years of experience in the UK Family Courts; that being the case, we know what you are going through because we've been there. We have come out the other side and are fully committed to helping you cement the relationship that you and your children so rightly deserve.

Since Legal Aid was withdrawn in 2013 many parents have found themselves financially ruined by legal costs unfairly racked up by greedy lawyers cynically feeding on the carnage of family breakdowns.

Forefathers Family Law will advise and support you throughout your case for an affordable fixed fee, at a fraction of a high street Solicitor's costs, right through to the end without costing you thousands of pounds. That's because we care passionately about children's rights to the fullest relationship possible with both of their parents.

A well-presented case can get your views both seen and clearly appreciated by the courts and give you the best chance of getting where you want to be.

You can adapt successfully to your altered circumstances with the right support.

We will assist and guide you through the family court process including:

  • Initial family court applications
  • Position statements
  • Child arrangements orders
  • Witness statements
  • Dealing with CAFCASS and social services
  • Removal from jurisdiction
  • Re-establish child contact in a safe environment after separation
  • Get through your case with minimum difficulty and distress
  • Police reports
  • Non molestation order
  • Final hearings

Experience has shown us that it really is often darkest before the dawn. That's likely how things feel right now. But we will see you through to the culmination of your case.

You are not alone!

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