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Why use Us?

Forefathers Family Law paralegal service?

It's an appalling fact that nearly 4m children live in fatherless homes in the UK. Does that include your children? Parental alienation and family breakdown are very real 21st century problems.

Children have rights and so do Fathers!

Do you need help in the Family Courts?

Now is the time to recover control over your situation.

You need a break from the feeling of walking on eggshells and it's a game changer having someone with relevant experience on your side to guide you through the UK Family Court process and child custody cases.

The average cost of a high street solicitor's fees for a family court case is around £15-30,000 + VAT. Forefathers' Family Law paralegal service provides end-to-end family court assistance for a fraction of that, saving you money better spent by you on your children.

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